Retail Consult is committed to enabling the connections between economic growth, social development and environmental conservation.

The conscious way in which we develop our projects and the medium and long term vision we apply in our decision making process are distinguishing components of our corporate entity.

Our approach to sustainability is embodied in our adherence to environmentally sound best practices, in our continuous efforts to create new jobs, and our focus on fulfilling our employees’ needs. It also shines through in the environmental concerns that we incorporate in our facilities, improving the reuse of paper, saving energy and water, and recycling.

We believe in the emergence of new ideas worth implementing through the encouragement of a culture of dedication, inspiration, innovation and excellence. There is a strong reliance on each individuals’ skills and competences as the driving forces behind our continuous evolution as a company.

Retail Consult as a Company, will not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnic origin, creed, religion, nationality, age, disability, chronic disease, handicap, gender, sexual orientation, family situation, marital status, political or ideological convictions, union affiliation or any other legally protected status in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We make sure that our recruitment procedures and working environment are free of all forms of unlawful discrimination, including gender discrimination, age discrimination, discrimination based upon religion or sexual orientation, sexual harassment or harassment of any other nature.

All the content stated above is implied in Retail Consult’s Code of Conduct.


Throughout the year, Retail Consult always tries to embrace and contribute to various social concerns. We try to reach as many institutions and charities as we possibly can, mostly children-related causes.



JUNE 2017

Sadly, Portugal suffered a natural and human tragedy due to a fire that destroyed part of the territory in Pedrógão Grande.

This horrific incident resulted in the loss of lives and properties, and it is important that the ties of solidarity rise among us right now.

Thus, Retail Consult is actively supporting this cause through several initiatives. If you wish to contribute, there were created several solidarity accounts and other ways to contribute and help towards this cause.




Last August, Retail Consult chosen to support a solidarity case initiated by the parish council of Leça do Balio, called “Estendal Solidário”. This initiative aimed to collect goods (footwear, clothing, appliances, and books) to make available to the population of Leça do Balio, on September 21-22.



21 APRIL 2016

Retail Consult also helps and supports our clients regardless of their situation. In April 2016, after a devastating earthquake, we joined a solidarity campaign with Fybecca and the Ecuadorian Red Cross in order to support and help the country and those affected by this tragedy.

Our client Fybeca is conducting a solidarity campaign to help the victims of the Ecuador Earthquake. Retail Consult wants to be part of this cause, joining this campaign to help and support the country and those affected.




We always try to find ways to contribute and to help children in need. So, every year, during Christmas time, we always try to collect several toys to provide underprivileged children in the nearby area moments of joy and happiness during this holiday season.



9 JANUARY 2013

Knowing that we are living in difficult and troubled times, and looking for ways to help those that are less fortunate, Retail Consult has recently started a relationship with a Portuguese association called “A Causa da Criança” (which roughly translates to “The Children’s Cause”). This association provides support and shelter to children and adolescents.

As the first activity in what we hope turns out to be a long relationship, Retail Consult did its best (both as a company and as group of concerned individuals) on contributing for a special Christmas for these kids.

Let’s keep this great momentum moving forward – Let us know if you are available to contribute or help in any way!