A Reliable Partnership Into the Digital Revolution

Sonae Fashion's robust and flexible digital architecture is a special highlight in the July issue of Technology Magazine.

In order to keep pace with the growing needs and challenges of retail, Sonae Fashion is the leading flagship of a successful digital transformation that meets business needs in a unified, fast, and efficient way.
As part of the Sonae Group, Sonae Fashion is a fashion retailer with 400 own stores and franchisees present throughout Europe, South America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, India, Asia, and South East Asia, generating over 5000 points of sale and currently employing over 3000 employees worldwide. Its portfolio of fashion brands includes Mo, Salsa, Zippy, Deeply, and Losan.

" Online purchases have become more significant and numerous over time, and the digital marketplace is growing stronger and stronger. We wanted to mix our offering with omnichannel capabilities, we wanted to move faster across processes and teams, and we want now to take advantage of our fashion ecosystem, amplify value across teams, offer relevant and seamless experiences to customers and users, and move towards agility and nimbleness across operations.” said Nuno Miller, Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) of Sonae Fashion. “My role is to envision, deliver and support a unified digital ecosystem that is able to fulfill business needs as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

For this transformation, Sonae Fashion relied on the help of Retail Consult in terms of solution design, data migration, integration, logistics, and ERP to PLM to warehouse management system workflows.

Read the whole article about Sonae Fashion and how Retail Consult is helping to drive this transformation in the July’s edition of the Technology Magazine.