Operations Manager

We are currently seeking for an Operations Manager to join our growing team in China.

What are we looking for?
  • Oversees the operations of the company’s affiliate in China;
  • Responsible for achieving the company’s objectives through effective planning, setting sales goals, analyzing data on past performance, and projecting future performance. 
  • Ensures that sales management works following other departments.
  • Responsible for the business development and managing China’s operations;
  • Define annual budgets and produces a detailed annual business operating plan;
  • Develop plans for company growth and improvement of sales;
  • Works to ensure deadlines are met and budgets are maintained;
  • Ensures that the business’s in-country affiliate adheres to all country regulations and cultural guidelines;
  • Responsible for managing in line with globally agreed strategies and priorities, and collaboration with key stakeholders;
  • Produce business performance reports;
  • Researches the country or region thoroughly and adapt strategies accordingly;
  • Implements an effective brand strategy and ensure consistency;
  • Network effectively with local clients and develop strong professional relationships;
  • Can be involved in the selection, training, and professional development of co-workers;
  • Manage the sales teams, operations, and resources to deliver profitable growth;
  • Define and coordinate sales training programs that enable staff to achieve their potential and support company sales objectives;
  • Exceed customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction;
  • Provide detailed and accurate sales forecasting;
  • Put in place infrastructure and systems to support the success of the sales function;
  • Monitor customer, market, and competitor activity and provide feedback to the company leadership team and other company functions;
  • Work closely with the marketing function to establish successful channel and partner programs;
  • Travel for in-person meetings with customers and partners and to develop key relationships;
  • Contributes to the overall global success of the company;
  • Directly responsible for the company’s Sales in the Geo;  
  • University Degree in Business Management or Information Technology;
  • Ideally has a minimum of 5 years of progressively more responsible positions in Management;
  • A good knowledge base of the country/region, and a willingness to learn;
  • Excellent negotiation, influence, mediation and conflict management skills;
  • Able to coordinate others and negotiate to achieve the desired results;
  • Strong business sense and industry expertise in Retail;
  • Strong customer satisfaction orientation;
  • Analytical thinker with superior problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to work to deadlines and under pressure;
  • Exceptionally well organized and driven by success;
  • Good time management and organizational skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Proficiency in English (written and spoken);

If you think your profile matches our requirements and you are looking for an experience that offers opportunity, growth, balance, and a feeling of value, apply to this job submitting your CV through the form or by e-mail to: jobs@retail-consult.com


零博信息(Retail Consult) 是全球零售业技术解决方案的专家,我们为客户提供全面的业务和技术解决方案包括策略、实施、部署、培训和支持服务,并涵盖时尚快消、连锁药房、商超便利店、电商等零售领域。我们在全球多个国家均有运营分支,包括葡萄牙、美国、德国、巴西、墨西哥、智利等。秉承为全球零售客户服务的信念,零博信息近期成立了中国分部并决定寻找一名运营经理加入我们的中国初创交付团队。


  • 在中国监管公司的分支机构的运营;
  • 负责通过有效的计划,制定销售目标,分析过去业绩数据,预测未来业绩,实现公司的目标;
  • 确保销售管理跟随其他部门工作;
  • 负责中国的业务发展和管理;
  • 确定年度预算,并制定详细的年度业务运营计划;
  • 制定公司发展计划,提高销售业绩;
  • 努力确保最后期限的满足和预算的维持
  • 确保企业在国内的分支机构遵守所有国家的法规和文化准则;
  • 负责根据全球商定的战略和优先事项进行管理,并与主要利益相关者合作;
  • 编制业务绩效报告;
  • 对国家或地区进行深入研究,并相应调整战略;
  • 实施有效的品牌战略并确保一致性;
  • 有效地与当地客户建立网络,发展稳固的专业关系;
  • 能参与同事的选拔,发展培训和职业;
  • 管理销售团队、运营和资源为实现盈利增长;
  • 定义和协调销售培训计划,使员工发挥潜能,支持公司销售目标的实现;
  • 超越客户的期望和为客户的高度满意做出贡献;
  • 提供详细而准确的销售预测;
  • 落实基础设施和系统,支持销售职能的成功;
  • 监控客户、市场和竞争对手的活动。并向公司领导团队和其他公司职能部门提供反馈;
  • 与营销职能部门紧密合作,建立成功的渠道和合作伙伴计划;
  • 旅行与客户和合作伙伴进行面对面的会议,并发展关键关系;
  • 为公司在全球范围内的整体成功做出贡献;
  • 直接负责公司在地理区域的销售工作;  


  • 商业管理或信息技术方面的本科学历;
  • 最理想有至少5年以上的管理职位的逐步更负责任的工作经验;
  • 对国家/地区有良好的知识基础,并愿意学习;
  • 优秀的谈判、影响、调解和冲突管理技能;
  • 能够协调他人,通过谈判达到预期效果;
  • 具有较强的商业意识和零售业的行业专业知识;
  • 具有较强的客户满意度导向;
  • 分析性思维能力强,具有卓越的解决问题的能力;
  • 能够在截止日期和压力下工作;
  • 卓越的组织能力和成功的动力;
  • 良好的时间管理和组织能力;
  • 优秀的人际关系和沟通技巧;
  • 熟练掌握英语(书面和口语);


零博信息(Retail Consult)提供非常有竞争力的薪酬、津贴福利、完善的职业发展和培训课程、以及深入接触国际项目的机会。如果你有理想, 有干劲, 不愿错过跟随国际公司中国初创团队一起成长的机会,并时不时可以周游世界,请加入我们!