One of the key challenges in retail is to efficiently and effectively provide the right amount of information available in a usable and consumable format. With the explosion of social media, omnichannel shopping, and the pressure to expand into new formats and countries, this has never been more important. 
As the central source of all information, merchandising solutions provide organizations with a simplified and accurate view across their entire retail organization.

Enables retailers to reduce the time and cost to perform crucial day-to-day merchandising activities, from new product introduction to automated replenishment and financial inventory. Oracle’s solution facilitates the ability to expand into new channels and provides the foundation for omnichannel management.


Designed for retailers who require complete visibility and control in order to streamline pricing decisions across all selling channels throughout the item lifecycle. Oracle’s solution provides retailers with a rules-based pricing strategy and execution engine to ensure that target margin or a competitive position is achieved.


This solution enables retailers to deliver on their promise of getting product in the right place at the right time with a powerful, easy to use, and accurate method of allocating merchandise. Retailers create allocations within a configurable, user-centric workflow for maximum efficiency. 


Provides retailers a way to efficiently manage the matching, reconciliation, and payment of supplier invoices. The configurable, automated matching engine significantly minimizes the volume of invoices, while policy based automated discrepancy resolution ensures discrepancies are automatically applied or routed to the right people for resolution.


An agile tool that evaluates all sales transaction from all channels, ensuring clean and consistent sales information. With a highly configurable and integrated sales audit solution, the retailer can maintain existing business practices and have their resources focus only on the exceptions and not looking for the audit errors.


A comprehensive solution, providing analytics that are:
•  Descriptive: what is happening and why? 
•  Predictive: what will happen and why?
 • Prescriptive: how can we influence what happens?
Oracle Retail Merchandising Insights is part of the Oracle Retail Insights Cloud Service family and can be extended with Oracle Retail Advanced Science Cloud Services. These services share a standards-based and retail-specific data model that reflects both functional and technical best practices, thousands of packaged metrics and hundreds of packaged reports and dashboards.