Supply Chain

With an effectively managed supply chain, retailers can reduce inventory and cut operation costs, while growing sales. The Oracle Retail supply chain management solutions empower retailers to plan and execute management strategies, anticipate consumer demand across selling channels and stores with embedded science, and simplify operations by managing exceptions.The transparent approach promotes collaboration across the supply chain network and inspires consumer trust.

This solution creates optimized inventory targets by item by location to meet demand and satisfy business and financial objectives. It considers realities and constraints such as inventory availability, pack sizes, distribution capacity, and store space to flow merchandise through the supply chain. Business users are provided actionable insights and forward visibility into the potential cause and impact of projected stock-outs or overstock conditions.


Consumers continue to drive complexity into the supply chain by increased demand for greater product ranges and expect more information than ever before. This solution enables retailers to collaborate with their supply chain in sourcing, development, marketing, and quality control of their product,  giving consumers the transparency they expect and protecting brand integrity. 


Oracle Retail Demand forecasting provides accurate forecasts that enable retailers to coordinate demand-driven outcomes that deliver connected customer interactions. With a single view of demand, it provides pervasive value across retail processes, including driving optimal strategies in planning, increasing inventory productivity in retail supply chains, decreasing operational costs and driving customer satisfaction from engagement, to sale, to fulfilment.  



Oracle Retail Replenishment Optimization balances inventory throughout the supply chain to efficiently achieve desired costumer service levels  by providing optimized replenishment management recommendations.


Inventory management is a costly and time-consuming activity for any retail organization. This solution drives efficiency and automation for associates both on the shop floor as well as in the backroom. It provides a simple, predictable, and repeatable set of processes for managing discrete real-time perpetual inventory.