"Learn from the past, live today and plan for the future"

Klaus Sentker

Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board

“I feel that leadership is always asking how can we do better for our people and clients’”

Klaus brings almost 40 years of experience working in retail and delivering of large-scale business transformation programs for retailers in Europe, Russia, the US and Asia.  He spent more than 20 years working in retail, building a deep understanding of the retail business from time spent in field level operations, purchasing, marketing, general management, and as CIO of a retail organization.  Klaus combines his extensive retail business knowledge with skills in strategic planning, solution architecture, applications implementation, applications support, custom development, business process improvement, IT Manager applications and support services, computer operations, and large-scale program management.  A founding partner of Retail Consult, Klaus has worked with leading retailers across the globe.  His extensive leadership experience has guided the company to continuous year over year growth.   

Paulo Domingos Silva

Senior Partner and CEO

“Retail is the epicenter of changing technology. Our job is to help our clients successfully make that changes’”

Working with retailers across the globe, Paolo brings over 25 years of experience working to deliver technology-based retail transformation projects.  Paolo has lived the evolution of technology and has deep experience from implementing Oracle Retail and ERP solutions to custom software development, package implementation and integration across a variety of technology platforms. Paolo’s client work spans a broad range of retail subsegments.  With prior experience at WIPRO and Enabler, Paolo has extensive experience running large, globally-based consulting organizations.   A founding principle of Retail Consult, Paolo helped to build the company from 12 people to the current organization.  

"If it is to be done. Do it right."
"Stones on the way? I keep them all, one day I will build a castle."

Silvia Gomes

Senior Partner, VP Sales Europe, Attractiveness, Knowledge & Business Compliance

“I want to make clients successful by always looking for continuous improvement’”

A founding partner of Retail Consult, Silvia has over 25 years working with global retailers using technology for business transformation.  She has extensive experience with a wide range of retail business functions including planning and retail optimization, supply chain management, logistics, merchandising management, store systems, and retail intelligence.  She combines her retail business acumen with technology implementation experience that includes both Oracle Retail and custom-developed solutions.  

William D. Carslay

Senior Partner

“I am always looking for ways to improve client service and to create an environment that allows innovation and change to flourish.’”

Working in the US, Central and South America, and EMEA.  Bill brings a global perspective combined with over 31 years of experience of providing consulting services across a broad range of industries including retail, communications, high tech, travel, and transportation services.   Bill has extensive experience in the software development lifecycle, software package implementation, and software integration. In addition to his role in the leadership of Retail Consult,  Bill brings a wealth of work experience from two of the most influential technology companies in the world:  Oracle and Accenture.  

"Make everyday count."